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Our purpose is to create value and improve lives through sustainable and responsible mining


Mining is a long-term business with commitments and investments that can span decades. How we manage social, environmental and political risks directly impacts our reputation and ability to create value.

Ethics, Governance and Human Rights

Strong governance, ethical and responsible behavior by our workers and suppliers, respect for human rights, and compliance with all laws, rules and regulations are essential to secure our license to operate, protect our reputation and create mutual value for all stakeholders.

Our People

Our global workforce is the foundation of our business. Providing our people a safe work environment is our top priority, and supporting their wellbeing and promoting an inclusive and diverse culture are vital for maintaining a competitive advantage through our people.

Economic and Social Performance

Providing jobs, paying taxes and royalties, sourcing with local businesses, investing in community programs and infrastructure, and fostering mutually beneficial relationships are crucial for our long-term success and ability to be a catalyst for sustainable socio-economic development.

Environmental Stewardship

We focus on minimizing and mitigating our impact on water, land, air quality, climate and biodiversity, and working with stakeholders on systemic solutions to complex environmental challenges.