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Beyond the Mine is an annual report that focuses on Newmont’s current operating sites. Data presented covers our performance for the 2016 calendar year, which corresponds to our fiscal year. Where noted, references may be made to historical results. We have published our global sustainability reports on an annual basis since 2003. The latest was published in April 2016.

All financial figures are quoted in United States dollars unless otherwise noted. Some figures and percentages may not add up to total or 100 percent due to rounding. References to "Newmont," "the Company," "we" and "our" refer to Newmont Mining Corporation and/or our affiliates, joint ventures and subsidiaries.


Ongoing improvements to our data collection systems, processes and quality can result in restatements of previously reported data. Such restatements have been provided in the body of this report and are noted as such in the footnotes or corresponding disclosures.

Significant Changes in Reporting Parameters

There were no significant changes in the scope or aspect boundaries in 2016. However, we updated calculations for some metrics – such as water, energy and greenhouse gas intensity – to better align with other external reporting methods and requirements. Changes to this effect are noted in the corresponding disclosures.

Additional Information

More information about Newmont is available on our website. For details on our financial performance and governance structure, please refer to our 2016 10-K report, an annual overview of Newmont’s business and financial condition submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.