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Working with host communities to invest in education, health, local economic development, infrastructure improvements and capacity development programs can help address challenges, catalyze long-term socio-economic development and minimize dependency on the mine during operations and upon closure.

Our commitment to strengthen the communities where we live and work is stated in our Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement Policy. Guiding our approach to equitably improve quality of life and create mutual value is our Community Investment and Development Standard.

Sites must use existing baseline studies, assessments and government development plans, along with robust community engagement, to develop a community investment strategy that identifies each opportunity, along with the resources needed to deliver on the commitment. Each site must review and update its strategy a minimum of every five years.

In addition to the direct investments our operations make toward community infrastructure and social programs, many of our operations – in Ghana, Nevada, Peru and Suriname – have established community foundations or funds that support community needs during the mine life and after operations cease. In Ghana, Peru and Suriname, the foundation Boards include community members to ensure community ownership and participation in the foundation’s efforts. While each foundation or fund is unique, investments generally focus on capacity building, community health and education, infrastructure development, and livelihood and skills building.

For all community donations, a transparent process is used to document and review each contribution to ensure compliance with the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

We pursue partnerships with NGOs, development organizations and government agencies to ensure our investments effectively address local challenges and opportunities.

2016 Performance

Newmont invested approximately $16 million globally in 2016 to support a wide range of community investments.

To better understand Newmont’s impact on community development, in 2016 we conducted a baseline assessment of our community programs. The assessment mapped our existing programs to the United Nations' sustainable development goals (SDGs) and findings were used to identify those SDGs most directly aligned to and supported by our business. We then formed a cross-functional working group to position Newmont as a leader in making a meaningful contribution to this new development paradigm.

Among the notable investments and activities in 2016:

In Ghana:

  • The Newmont Ahafo Development Foundation (NADeF) supports development projects in the 10 communities near the Ahafo mine. In 2016, Newmont contributed approximately $935,000 to NADeF, bringing our total contribution since 2007 to $24.4 million. During the year, NADeF – in partnership with the Bright Generations Foundation – established a bamboo bicycle manufacturing facility to train and employ youth from two local communities. The initial workforce of nearly 40 local youth participated in six months of skills training to prepare for the facility to enter full operations in early 2017. The facility is expected to annually produce 375 bamboo bicycle frames for local and international customers.
  • The Newmont Akyem Development Foundation (NAkDeF), which has a similar structure to NADeF, supports development in the communities near the Akyem mine. Newmont contributed nearly $1.94 million to NAkDeF in 2016 and a total of $5.8 million since 2013. In 2016, NAkDeF launched the School Feeding Program, which provides free meals to kindergarten and primary school students and has contributed toward notable increases in school enrollment and attendance at the local resettlement school.
  • The Ahafo operation commissioned a third-party economic feasibility study to identify viable economic development enterprises that generate jobs and grow the prosperity of the communities near the Ahafo mine. The study prioritized options to stimulate local economic development and included recommendations on strategies to realize the opportunities.

In Australia:

  • We invested over $2.2 million in monetary and in-kind support during 2016 toward projects to support the long-term success of the communities. Contributions were largely directed toward supporting education, promoting tourism and celebrating indigenous cultures. We became the Western Australia Gold Foundation partner for the Big Issue, the Women’s Enterprise Subscription, an initiative focused on creating employment for homeless, marginalized and disadvantaged women.

In North America:

  • The Newmont Legacy Fund – a charitable organization formed by our Nevada employees to contribute to the health and wellbeing of communities across northern Nevada – distributed a total of $2.44 million to northern Nevada nonprofit organizations in 2016. Of this amount, employees pledged $1.22 million, which was matched dollar-for-dollar by Newmont. In early 2016, we received the final results of an independent audit of agreed upon procedures conducted in 2015. The auditors found no deficiencies and confirmed that the business procedures and processes in place ensure the funds were accurately accounted for and distributed correctly.
2016 Community investments by country (in thousands)
Monetary community investment Total in-kind support Total
Australia $2,123.40 $42.39 $2,165.79
Ghana $3,497.36 $579.68 $4,077.04
Peru $3,941.51 $799.87 $4,741.38
United States $3,664.00 $1,052.00 $4,716.00
Total $13,226.27 $2,473.94 $15,700.21
2016 Community investments by type (in thousands)
Monetary community investments In-kind community investments Total
Land use payments $904.24 N/A $904.24
Civil projects $806.57 $70.48 $877.05
Community capacity building $1,359.00 $296.17 $1,655.17
Education $1,436.09 $81.17 $1,517.26
Farming $1,375.79 $12.55 $1,388.34
Health $593.59 $116.83 $710.42
Other activities $3,659.84 $899.37 $4,559.21
Public infrastructure $3,091.14 $997.37 $4,088.51
Total $13,226.27 $2,473.94 $15,700.21

Future Focus

Among the efforts at our sites to invest in the socio-economic development of our host communities:

  • At our Merian operation in Suriname, we will develop a roadmap, based on the community assessment completed in 2016, for future development projects within each community.
  • In Peru, Yanacocha’s Asociación Los Andes de Cajamarca (ALAC) foundation will complete construction on the expansion of two potable water treatment plants for the city of Cajamarca. The project will increase the existing plants’ capacity by 50 percent to benefit the city’s 268,000 residents.
  • Based on the findings and recommendations from the economic feasibility study commissioned in 2016 by our Ahafo operation in Ghana, the Newmont Ahafo Development Foundation (NADeF) plans to implement key strategies, such as promoting cross-community projects and establishing institutional partnerships, to stimulate local job creation and economic development. 
  • In North America, we will expand the Newmont Legacy Fund to include contributions from employees at our Cripple Creek & Victor mine in Colorado and to support the communities near the mine.

We also are updating our community investment categories to better reflect the way our sites and stakeholders categorize investments. We will begin disclosing our investments using the updated categories beginning in 2017.